Tag Your Money Makers!

Don't rely on serial numbers and personal markings alone to identify your tools and equipment!

Engrave, Etch or Mark your Tools and Equipment with our free and unique ToolTaggers Visual ID codes (TTIDs) or hide inexpensive passive electronic Tags inside your tools and build your own personalised Tool Tagging database to Identify and Trace your tools.

Subscribers can Instantly share details of stolen tools with other ToolTaggers, Law Enforcement, Pawn Brokers and the General Public.

Free Prize Draw Entry for the First 2500 Subscribers!

The first 2500 UK subscribers to the ToolTaggers service will be entered in to a FREE Prize Draw to win a Milwaukee M18BPP7A-402B 7 Piece Tool Kit Valued at over £800.
*The Prize Draw will take place when the number of subscribers reaches 2500 and the winner will be notified by email.

More Than Just A Database of Your Tools

ToolTaggers allows you to build your own personalised Tool Tagging database using Visual and Electronic TAGS to mark and identify your Tools. TAG individual tools with the most appropriate type of TAGs (TTID, Barcodes, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, UV etc.) and store them all in a single database. Not being tied to any single tagging method, technology or provider allows you to choose which TAG or combination of TAGs and methods suit individual tools. Instantly share details of stolen items with other ToolTaggers and the general public



My Tools

Add, edit, delete or list all of your tools and save descriptions with pictures, TAGs and identifying marks. Instantly share Stolen Tool Information.

My Details

View, edit contact details, account information and notification alarm settings.

Lost Items

View your own or list all missing tools. Search for tools by TAG ID, Serial Number, Manufacturer, Type, Identifying Marks and more.


Send and receive instant notifications of incidents and thefts to and from other ToolTaggers.


All communications are securely encrypted. We do not store a list of your tools or your address on our website.


Use mobile devices to scan barcodes, QR codes, Bluetooth and NFC TAGs. Manually enter RFID or other TAG Identities. Instantly Search to check if the TAG is marked stolen.

Transfer TAGs

Easily transfer your tools with their TAG ID’s and details to another member or registered Tool Trader.

Notification Alarm

Set audible Notification alarm based on your GPS location to alert you to incidents and thefts in your current area 24/7.

iOS and Android App Differences

Mobile hardware and software limitations mean there are some differences between the functionality available on the Android and iOS versions of the ToolTaggers mobile app that is beyond our control. Each ToolTaggers subscription allows subscribers to login via the Android or iOS mobile app as well as a web browser without additional cost.

Apple currently restrict access to certain features and functions required to implement the full list of ToolTaggers functionality on iOS devices. While the iOS version of the app allows subscribers to build their own personal tool database and use the rest of the app functionality Apple currently restricts access to Bluetooth and NFC scanning functionality.

Apple devices are prevented from scanning for Bluetooth devices in the background and prevent the application from accessing certain technical information required to identify certain types of Bluetooth devices.

The scanning of NFC tags has been introduced by Apple for iPhone 7 devices and above on iOS 11, however Apple have not fully implemented all of the NFC scanning functionally required to uniquely identify each NFC tag. This means we are not able to release an iOS version of the the ToolTaggers app with onboard NFC scanning until they do. While it is expected that Apple will introduce this functionality at some point in the future we cannot predict when this will be.

For those that require NFC reading capability on Apple devices before this date ToolTaggers have implemented an external NFC Scanner, please contact us for more details and pricing.

The ToolTaggers app is compatible with Android 5.0.1 and above devices which means the full Bluetooth and NFC scanning functionality can be accessed using an older NFC enabled android device. This gives iOS users the option of using either the external iOS NFC scanner or an Android device to scan NFC tagged tools and equipment. All users can scan NFC tags to add them to their account using the ToolTaggers desktop scanning app from a windows PC.

Feature Android Apple Comments
Barcode Yes Yes
QR Code Yes Yes
Bluetooth Classic Yes No Bluetooth 4.0 and above
Bluetooth LE Yes No Bluetooth 4.0 and above
Bluetooth iBeacon Yes Yes Bluetooth 4.0 and above
NFC Scanning Yes No Yes with external reader

iPhone and iPad users may still manualy enter NFC Tag ID's in to their personal database or they may wish to consider using an android device to add tags to their account. Any Tag ID that cannot be scanned using a mobile device can be manually entered via the keyboard.

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